Welcome to SLUDGE!

Welcome to SLUDGE - Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of a Gaming Environment. This is the help file for the SLUDGE Development Kit. It also serves as a reference manual for the SLUDGE language. Contained in this documentation should be all you need to know about creating a game using SLUDGE. If, after hunting for a few days, you give up and didn't find the answer you were after, please visit the GitHub page and get involved by creating an issue!

What this file contains:

Information, and lots of it. Specifically, information about the following...

Introduction to SLUDGE Concepts

Overview: Creating a Game

The Programs

SLUDGE Language Reference Manual

File Formats Used by SLUDGE

What this file doesn't contain:

Big ol' playable demos for you to muck about with. The closest you're going to get to anything like that is when you stumble across a 5 or 10 line example of how a built-in function works. If you want examples to mess with, you'll have to go online and download them...

Download Free SLUDGE Examples

Most important of all:

Here's hoping your SLUDGE experience is a good one - and remember, have fun!