Project Manager: Menus

In the following the actions accessible over the SLUDGE Project Manager menus are described.

File menu:

New (Win/Linux) or New Project (Mac):

Opens a file save box, where you can choose a location and name for the project file you wish to create. The new file will be created containing no script files and its project settings will be set to default values.


Opens a file open box which lets you locate the project file which you want to load.

Mac: This file open box will open any SLUDGE file, except compiled games which are handled by the engine.


Saves the current file. The opened file will be overwritten. To save the file into a new location, use Save as... instead.

Save as:

Lets you save the current file to a different filename.

Exit (Win/Linux):

Quits the SLUDGE project manager. (On Mac, the Quit command is found in the program menu.)

Edit menu:


Opens the Preferences dialog box, where you can manipulate global preferences for the Project Manager. (The preferences are found in the program menu on Mac.)

Project menu:

Project properties: (Win/Linux) Edit project settings (Mac).

Opens the Project Settings dialog box, where project specific settings are made.

Compile game:

Runs the SLUDGE compiler and, errors permitting, creates a compiled SLUDGE game (.SLG) file. The name of the file will be that which is specified in the Project Settings dialog. Any warnings or errors will be shown in the Compiler Errors tab in the main window of the project manager.

Run: (Win/Linux)

Runs the game. Only works if the project has been compiled since it was loaded.

Help menu:


Displays a pop-up dialog box giving the version number and other information about the Project Manager. (This is found in the program menu on Mac.)

SLUDGE Dev Kit Help (Mac):

Opens this help file.

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