The Programs

On Windows and Linux, the SLUDGE development kit consists of several programs. You should be able to find them on your Windows Start menu, in the SLUDGE section of your list of programs. Failing that, find the folder into which you installed SLUDGE on your machine, and launch the program of your choice from there.

On Mac OS X, the SLUDGE development kit is a single program, but it still works in mostly the same way.

Help on using the various programs comes in the following flavours:

About the SLUDGE Project Manager

About the SLUDGE Floor Maker

About the SLUDGE Z-Buffer Maker

About the SLUDGE Sprite Bank Editor

About the SLUDGE Translation Editor

About the SLUDGE Compiler

The SLUDGE Engine

The engine is the only part of the development kit that's needed in order to play a SLUDGE game. Here's a bit more information on how that works:

How to release the finished game.

.ini Files for Compiled SLUDGE Games