Using the SLUDGE Engine on Linux

If you download a SLUDGE game, the package will always contain a gamefile. It is often named gamedata or has the filename ending .slg or .dat. If the game is only distributed as a Windows installer, the gamefile can be extracted by running the installer with Wine.

Once you have located the gamefile, start the game from a terminal like this:

sludge-engine [options] gamefile

Possible options are --help for printing the help message, --window or --fullscreen for choosing windowed or fullscreen mode, --antialias=0 or --antialias=1 for antialiasing off or on and --language=n (where n is an integer >= 0) for language selection. Options are saved, so you don't need to specify them every time. If you entered a wrong language number, use --language=0 to reset the language to the default setting.

While playing, you can always toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode with "Alt+Enter" or antialiasing on and off with "Alt+A".

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