SLUDGE can be downloaded from the Releases page on GitHub.

The downloads for Mac OS X always contain both the Dev Kit and the Engine. For Windows, an installer containing both the Dev Kit and the Engine (sludge-*-win.exe) is provided as well as an archive containing only the Engine (SLUDGE_Engine_*

Linux users can either compile SLUDGE themselves (instructions) or install packages that are included in their Linux distribution (see below). The source code can be found on the Releases page or in the git repository on GitHub.

Linux Packages


SLUDGE is available in Debian ≥ 7.0 and Ubuntu ≥ 11.10 in the form of the packages sludge-engine, sludge-devkit and sludge-doc, (see Debian packages, Ubuntu packages).

Arch Linux

SLUDGE is available in the Arch User Repository.